Monday, June 6, 2016

6/6/2016 Daily Angel Card Reading

The Joy Angels are nearby! If you watched this week's video reading on YouTube, then you already know that this is a year of Jubilee! As you wake up today, take a deep breath and drop into the heart chakra releasing any fear or anxiety. This is a day of lightness, so enjoy every single step as you move through it. The interactions with others should be lighthearted and interactive in positive ways. People will hear the lilt in your voice and respond accordingly. If possible and the weather permits in your area, go for a walk through nature and allow the Joy Angels to fill your aura with beautiful pink light, sparkling in the sun, as you absorb the wonderful vitamin D from its rays! If it's not possible, then put on some beautiful music that lifts the heart and allows the same indoors. Maybe even dance a little. Get that body moving! It is a magical time more so now than ever to start thinking ahead at all the wonderful changes that are about to commence.

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