Monday, May 23, 2016

Psychic Angel Card Reading May 23 2016

What a very scary card this is for us today, right? If you've been keeping your mouth shut for a really long time so that you don't rock the boat, then this could scare the heck out of you. (or maybe some of you are just excited that it is finally time to open up!) But there will be situations that come up today where you are able to speak your mind and find acceptance from those that surround you, so feel that it is safe to say what you mean and be heard for what it is you are truly saying. You will find that in today's energy those that are around you are more accepting and willing to hear what you with an open mind. If this still doesn't give you assurances, then ask the Archangel Michael to help give you the strength to overcome the fear of being honest and what is your heart truly means.

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