Monday, May 2, 2016

Psychic Angel Card Reading June 21 2016

💖 Daily Angel Card Reading 💖 This is the day that the Creator of all that is gifted us with his most precious son in physical form. A being of high understanding bringing Light to the dark world showing us the gift of sacrifice, proof that supernatural healing is possible, and teaching us that we ourselves have that power through God to perform miracles in the world. Jesus is the perfect example of how asking in the physical brings in the power of the spirit realm to earth. We all have this power within us and if we would only recognize that we too are powerful beings of Light, what wondrous things we can accomplish. Take some time today and asked the Christ consciousness to visit and show you the true meaning of this beautiful wondrous holiday and then sit in gratitude, thanking him for the sacrifice and all that he has done many years ago so that we may live in the beautiful Light as we know it now. Through him, this was made possible.

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