Monday, January 18, 2016

Psychic Angel Card Reading Janury 18 2016

Today is a wonderful day to meet new people and make new friends. Many of you have been looking for new connections in your life that are more like-minded. Today is the day that you can spend that time chatting up with someone new or simply reconnecting with family members or friends from long ago that have been changing their energy lately as well to match yours. If it is someone from the past, make sure to open up your mind and see if their energy does still have the negative connotations of the past as you remembered them or have they also put in the work and deserve a second chance to be recognized for the new person that they today as well. Many times we get stuck in the version of people that we remember, not who they truly are now. Just as you would wish for someone to see you as you are now after all the years of hard work healing, make sure to give that courtesy to the others that you come across today. You may find that you have a new friend with an old history.

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