Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Angel Card Reading for Today September 1 2015

Many of you pass around the word “spirituality” without really knowing what it is that you are searching for. Sometimes this leaves you sad or more confused than when you started the journey of looking for love, peace, forgiveness, or “enlightenment”. In its simplest answer, spirituality is striving to know God.  Stop searching and just be.  God has created you.  You are the Creators child.  Therefore, God is always with you. Would a good parent leave their child alone in a crowd?

Stop searching.  Stay still. Breathe deeply to relax. Then look around you and feel God’s love within you.  See his beauty around you.  Keep it simple.  You cannot over think love, or you will think it away. It is about FEELING the love of God within your heart to know that he is there, taking your hand and joining you on the path as any good Father would.

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