Sunday, July 12, 2015

Angel Card Reading for Today July 12 2015

Know that your prayers are being answered for the highest good & in Divine Timing. Frustrating at times, but true. If you find yourself inpatient, realize that this negative emotion this is attached to the feeling of fear. Sit with the Archangel Michael and ask him what it is that you truly fear about your prayers not being answered exactly at this moment. Ask him to show you what it is that you need to release in order to live in faith and trust as you move forward, knowing that all will arrive exactly is needed and in Divine timing. He can help you feel safe and secure until that arrives or he may help you realize that it is not a necessary thing that needs to be given, as you have something better already surrounding you in the form of an answer that you've already been given.

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Deck used: Angel Prayer Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray
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