Friday, February 27, 2015

Spirit Message of the Day - February 27 2015

Today is going to be a day of movement, luckily it's a Friday! So have fun with it. LOL If you have an opportunity to dance today then go dance! If dancing is not your thing, then at least go out for a good walk or stand up in place and move that body back and forth in a swaying motion. Your body is crying out for grounding and today is definitely a day to listen to it. Not only will it help inspire you and get your mojo flowing, but it will also very likely get that creative juice flowing that you've been asking for. Remember that mind, body AND spirit are all connected, so we have to be balanced in all areas. In this fast-paced world, many times we end up sitting instead of moving, forgetting that the movement of the physical body is also a very important piece of keeping us balanced.

Deck Used: My Spiritual Reading Cards
by Sylvia Browne

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