Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spirit Message of the Day - February 24 2015

No, I did not make a mistake and post the same card twice. I actually did pull the forgiveness card again today just like yesterday. So obviously, this is a day where we still need to continue to work through what it was Archangel Michael is helping us with yesterday. So maybe take some time to sit alone close your eyes take a deep breath and release on the exhale, letting go of anything you're holding deep in the heart chakra that needs forgiving. If you are not quite sure what that is, ask. The first situation or person that comes to mind is what it's related to. Maybe pull out a sheet of paper and write down, "When I think of this situation or person I feel…" And fill in the blank.

Deck Used: Power Animal Oracle Cards
by Steven D. Farmer http://tinyurl.com/nuhq6mq

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