Saturday, February 21, 2015

Spirit Message of the Day - February 21 2015

It seems as though you may have to actually go out into public today. LOL So this basically means that today will be a day were you feel extra sensitive and absorbing energy from those that surround you. If you have to go shopping, work, run errands, or simply get your car washed. You will notice that very possibly everyone around you is in a grumpy mood today. Ask the Archangel Michael to shield and protect you, placing a barrier between your energy and theirs so that you will not have to absorb it in. Then, you can just hum along and be free of their bad mojo.
Aren't you so happy you get a heads up on this? Because you'd probably get home grumping around yourself having no idea why. Thanks Archangel Michael for the warning.

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by Sylvia Browne
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