Friday, April 4, 2014

Spirit Message of the Week April 4 2014

Losing your keys?  Forgetting what you meant to do when you come into a new room or what you were about to say? What is the floating feeling that has you living in the clouds?  We love to connect, but staying grounded is important as well.  Make sure that you stay balanced in all things to keep running smoothly.   Mind: Watch a good romance movie; check out a good non-fiction documentary once in a while. Body: Go for a run and eat well, have a cookie now and then.  Spirit: Stay grounded and also meditate or pray often.  Balance is so important in all things to keep the mood and health stable.  Be conscious of the choices you make and avoid the extremes of only choosing one way or the other.  The week will be smooth sailing if you do.

Channeled through: Lisa Beachy
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