Friday, March 7, 2014

Spirit Message of the Week from Lisa March 7 2014

Curb the impulses to lash out or make rash decisions.  This is a time to carefully guard what you say and do as many are listening and the consequences of speaking your mind may not be worth the price that you will have to pay in the long run for a few moments of relief or justification.  

When you feel your tongue getting away from you, ask me to help to clear the fear that may have you reacting in such a way.  Many times when you feel the driving need to be right, you are expressing your deep insecurity that you may be wrong or you may feel that you are being viewed as not smart enough to make the right decision. A clear heart, free of insecurities, will not have the need to justify its actions.  If fear is coming up, let’s take time to sit and work through it together to heal and let it go.
--   The Archangel Michael
Channeled through: Lisa Beachy
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