Friday, February 21, 2014

Spirit Message of the Week Febuary 21st

Remember to do all things with honor and integrity.  All things large and small count, from hanging up an item back up that you dropped on the floor (or one that you just happen to notice) to telling the truth when you know a lie would be easier.  All things that you show consideration for enrich your soul and count in this growth process called life.  You have come to this physical plane to make it better and all of your actions count in that.  They make you feel better about yourself, as well as, better about the world around you because you know you are making it a better place.  

We will nudge you more often now that you have read this to do right in all things, because knowing makes you now responsible. Instead of getting frustrated, give thanks that you have a chance to be a contributor and we will in turn thank you for listening and taking action.

Channeled through: Lisa Beachy
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