Monday, November 18, 2013

Spirit Message of the Week from Lisa Nov 18 2013

Remember that getting grounded is also a very important part of manifesting.  If you are not in sync with your physical body, you interrupt the energy flow of the Universe.  Take time out this week to meditate with the Creator and sit with both feet on the ground, feeling its healing gravitational pull as it renews your soul within its physical shell.

Maybe sit in nature to get grounded or go for a walk daily. This will be a week when manifesting takes place.  The things you are been praying for are ready to come forth, so be grateful as you continually receive your blessings and stay grounded so that you are able to receive them with a healthy spirit, heart and mind that will recognize them when they show up.

Much love sent your way,
Lisa Beachy
Spiritual Intuitive ~ Friend of Spirit

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