Monday, November 25, 2013

Spirit Message for the Week

This will be a week of many emotions!  Allow yourself to feel them all, this is how you will keep your balance and move fluidly through the week. I suggest that you face any situation that you have been avoiding head on so that you can finally move through it and feel the relief of letting it go.

Many times we hold onto the anger or resentment because it feels like we are keeping ourselves safe from future pain, that if we remember what it feels like, we won't do it it again.  But, in reality, if we hold ourselves in the energy of those emotions, we bring more of the people or situations that cause them our way.  That is simply the Law of the Universe.

Remember, you have to close your heart to hold onto pain. In letting it go, you open your heart and an open heart has space for LOVE. So let it go, release it, and allow yourself to heal from those old wounds.

Ask the Archangel Raphael to help you heal and let go.  Here is a great mediation to help you in the process.
Archangel Raphael Meditation Video to Heal the Heart

Channeled through: Lisa Beachy
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