Monday, October 7, 2013

Spiritual Reading for the Week of October 7 2013

This week is going to have its ups and downs, so just be aware of it. Knowledge is power, right? So let's face it, people are a little more prickly for some reason this week. You may also be feeling things a little too intensely, like nails on a chalk board, when normally you are so good at letting it slide by. Whether it is, the new moon that just passed, planets misaligned, a grouchy relative or partner, no worry is needed because, you are aware of it now. That awareness triggers you to take action!

So what do we do, you ask? Just ask your Spiritual Team to help you remember that balance is so important and to help you obtain it as you maneuver through the days. Ask the Archangel Michael to shield you from the raw energy as crackles around you. It will help you SO much as you move through not only this week, but all of October.

If all else fails, lay low and keep the mouth shut whenever possible! it will all be over soon. *hug*

Much love sent your way,
Lisa Beachy
Spiritual Intuitive ~ Friend of Spirit

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