Monday, September 30, 2013

Spiritual Reading for the Week of 9/30/2013

It is time to speak up for yourself this week! Archangel Raguel has come in loud and clear to ask that I pass along the message that it is safe and empowering to speak your truth this week.

We all know that many times it is not just what you have to say, but also how the other people in your life hear it. So yes, of course, not only he will help you to deliver all that you need to convey in a loving way, but he will also help those that you need to speak up to hear you in the highest way it is intended.

It may be wise to clear your Throat Chakra first, so you may want to take a few moments to do my free Throat Chakra Meditation, then sing like a bird, my friend! You won't regret it and the time is right.

Much love sent your way,Lisa Beachy
Spiritual Intuitive ~ Friend of Spirit

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Oracle Card for the week

I pulled a stone for us  this week from my very favorite app The Crystal Matrix Dragonstones (linked through my website under the Card Apps tab):

Smokey Quartz
It is time to release old patterns so that we may move forward.  I had Archangel Michael come in as well as I read this and he said that he wanted me to remind you all that he is always there to help the fear that comes with this. 

I was reminded of the old example of this, if you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, he will jump out right away, he recognizes the danger and the pain.  However, if you put him in a pot and slowly rise the heat, then he will stay, not realizing he is in a dangerous environment.  That is much like us in our lives, little by little we accommodate and adjust to the dysfunction we live in because it happens to us slowly.  Usually, we know we are in hot water and need to get out.  We are unhappy, but we sit in it because we get used to it until sometimes it seems too late because we are afraid of what is on the other side of the pot.  The unknown.

But, here is the really wonderful part.  If we have the courage to jump, asking God and the Archangel Michael to helps us move forward despite our fear, the wide world is open to us as far as we can see with unlimited opportunities when we land on the other side. 

Smokey Quartz can help you live in the present moment and see the truth as it stands so that you can change what you do not like about it.  Archangel Michael will help you get through the fear this brings up in you.  God will bless you with all that you need to step out in faith on the Divine path that feels good to your heart and will bring you happiness and contentment.  Take the leap of faith!  It’s worth it.

Much love and blessings sent your way this week,