Friday, June 21, 2013

Affirmation to receive new clients/students

Just re-found this really wonderful affirmation from a local friend here for those of you Lightworker's looking for new clients!  I always share it with my clients struggling with their business and use it often myself.

(She is not on FB that I can find, can you believe it??? lol) Here is her page.  She is an amazing Reiki Healer/Teacher, here is her website though:

♥♥ Just before falling asleep♥♥  Affirm for Three Nights:

"Tonight on the causal plane, I contact and communicate with all those beings whose body, mind, spirit and emotions can benefit from my (INSERT NAME OF WORK YOU DO) and...all those who I can benefit from."

Repeat for three more night and on the 4th night start ADDING THE FOLLOWING:

"I now ask their beings or higher selves to communicate this information to their Physical Body personalities and to locate me through (my advertising, direct mail, word of mouth or recommendations.)"

Repeat as needed, substituting your type of work or advertising.


Hope it helps bring in clients & students. :) 
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