Monday, May 27, 2013

Spiritual Reading for the Week of 5/27/2013

This week's spiritual reading for us all:

As we come off the charged energy of last week's full moon, do your best to shake off the negative energy and move forward with a new sense of compassion. Compassion for yourself, as well as, compassion for others.

You may find that an animal or child may need some extra attention or love this week. (Or maybe just someone you know and love that tends to act like a child occasionally) Those that we love will need a little extra guidance or nurturing and may seem a bit needier this week.

This is a just simple reminder to exhibit patience and compassion to others as needed. It will be returned when you find yourself in need later on down the line, much like putting a deposit in the Karma bank.

Lisa Beachy
Spiritual Intuitive ~ Friend of Spirit

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