Monday, May 20, 2013

Spiritual Reading for the Week of 5/19/2013

This week's spiritual reading for us all:

This will be a great week to receive if you allow yourself to do so.  Spirit is telling us that all of our planning, creative thinking, and setting intentions will blossom into something good this week!  Everything is aligning just right to fall into place, so all you need to do is step back and watch it all click in.

Have you been held back by fear? Have you not yet taken the action needed on some of the things that you keep hoping to create in your life? If this is the case, no need to worry! This is the week to do it. Start now and set up an action plan. This is going to be a time of clarity for you and you will finally be able to see the big picture with ease.

As for the fear?  Simply ask the Archangel Michael to help you out in that area.  If you sit with him each morning and ask to be shown when and where the fear started in this lifetime and how to clear it, you can let it go and move forward with your dreams.

Check out my meditation to Release Fear and Anxiety on YouTube to help

Good luck and HAVE FUN! That is really what it is all about anyways, right?

Much love to you all!
Lisa Beachy
Spiritual Intuitive ~ Friend of Spirit

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