Monday, April 8, 2013

Find Your Life Purpose Tip

Take one moment this morning & quiet your mind by breathing in & out deeply.  Now, ask your Spirit Guide to come forward.  Feel as they move into your aura’s energy. Keep breathing deeply. Feel them next to you….. Ask them, “Please send me one positive thing today that will help me on my path to my life’s purpose. Thank you.” Open your eyes. Now, watch for the signs today. Be aware and ready to act. It’ll come.

Please share as guided

Many Blessings
Lisa C. Beachy

Connecting you with your Spiritual Team

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Prayer of the Day

" Dear God, I ask that you send angels to clear my path and ease my journey. Please help me release my frustrations easily when things do not go the way that I believe they should and I thank you for bringing me abundance in all things good and quick understanding for things that are not. Amen."

Lisa Beachy

Monday, April 1, 2013

Exercise – Manifesting with Archangel Chamuel

Today’s exercise – Sit & close your eyes, breathe deep.  Now I want you to focus on something you have been wanting to manifest in your life.  Feel the joy of having it, visualize how yourself owning it or doing it, smell what the air around you would smell like, imagine feeling with your hands or feet the texture beneath you.

Now ask the Archangel Chamuel to please bring it to you quickly and in the highest way.  Then release it, open your eyes.  Let it go into the universe and his hands.  Know he is on the job for you.  Be open to the signs leading you to it and take action if it feels right.

Please share as you feel guided.

Many Blessings
Lisa C. Beachy