Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How the Food Industry sucks us in, the new cigarette?

This morning I was watching the news and eating a Cadbury Egg with my coffee, as I do..  (No judging! lol) I am not normally a news watcher, because it always seems more sad than good, but the promo leading in to the next segment caught my eye regarding food and addiction, which baby, I totally have an addiction to food.  (Hence, the Cadbury Egg with my coffee.)

It was actually quite perfect, because it was an interview with the author Michael Moss, who wrote Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us and he was discussing how his book reveals that the food industry has perfected the art of manufacturing salt, (did you know there are 61 versions of salt? Who knew!?), sugars, and fats in the perfect combo so that it can cause addiction. They even have a combo for sugar that they call the Bliss level for the brain to hook in and need more.

There are accounts of SVP's from the industry that are now feeling BAD for how they have done this to our country and the leader of Phillip Morris warned them that they are going to have many of the same issues as tobacco as they move forward in the practice, warning labels, health risks etc.  He compared it to TOBACCO!

I am going to go buy this book for sure today or check and see if my library has it.  It sounds so interesting and I wanted to share.

Much love and blessings!

I have a great short Meditation on Healing Addiction as well that you may like.  I know I do it often and it has helped :

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