Monday, December 24, 2012

Stressful Thought Release with your guardian angel

Exercise for today: Take a moment as you sit with yourself as your guardian angel stands in front of you. Now, become aware of your head and the thoughts going around and around in it much like a hamster in a cage. Slowly...take a deep inhale in through your nose and as you exhale through your mouth, feel those entire thoughts drop into your heart center and see them enclosed in a pink bubble of love. Inhale.... exhale. Float that pink bubble out of your heart into the hands of your guardian angel standing before you. Breathe once more and exhale, knowing the thoughts and worries are taken care of for you. Released and surrendered to a higher source. Feel the stillness in your head, then your heart. Isn't it great? Say thank you to your angel and to yourself for allowing those thoughts to move forward.

Please share as you feel guided.

Many Blessings
Lisa C. Beachy
Angel & Spiritual Intuitive
Connecting you with your Spiritual Team

Here is a free YouTube meditation that will help you release stress:
Relaxation. Letting Go of Stress and Anxiety Meditation 

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