Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday shopping and how to be of service with the Archangel Michael as you do

I love this time of year with the decorations, the music, and time with my family making memories. I also REALLY love online shopping.  It is a modern miracle so that I never again have to go into a store and deal with people trying to buy presents for people they don't like, spending money that they don't have.  People get so ANGRY while holiday shopping, which, too be honest, I find completely ironic.

See, the thing is, when people get frustrated while shopping for others, it is likely because they have fear that is reflected from within themselves.  They are worried about how they are perceived by the outside world and insecurities are coming up through the process of gift giving. It brings up fears of not being good enough, smart enough, loved enough, etc.  They need the perfect items or enough of them to justify that they matter to those that they love.

I admit, years ago, we were in this boat with many others in a big way.  We over bought for the kids, went into debt so that for 15 mins they could tear into them and look at wonder, soon to forget about all of it a couple of days later. For many years, I thought, "If I just get what they want, I am a great mom.  If I can just find the perfect present, I am worthy." I am so grateful that over the years, I have taken them time to let this go and work on my inner self love and bring peace to that fear as I learned to connect with God, fill my own heart with Love and it has over the years flowed out to the family.  Too be completely honest, the kids are so amazing and do not even notice that there are less presents to open during the holidays and my pocket book is MUCH happier as well! ;)

So, what do I do when I do find that I have to stand in the occasional long line with a bunch of grumpy Gus'? I think of it as my mission to hold peace, point out that others are doing the best they can to help and that it really is a lucky thing that we have this blessing to have loved ones that we need to buy gifts for.  I also use it as time to do some Spirit work with my Angel peeps.

If you have  to do some last minute shopping this weekend, give it a try.  Ask the Archangel Michael to join you as you shop.  As you wander down the aisles, ask that he walk behind you leaving a beautiful trail of clearing light for all of those around you to walk through.  Pray that God blesses them all and that the fear they carry is cleared away, dissolving the negativity energy in their spirit. You will help SO many as you do this.It is truly a great (and FREE) way to give to others this holiday season.

Much love to all and many blessings!

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