Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Exercise - Releasing the old and setting new intentions.

Going into this New Year's Eve, which is the end of not only a year but a decade, remember that we can either change our actions or change our belief about those actions. Change some actions or beliefs tonight. During the full moon, ask your Spiritual Team to sit down with you and write out a list of everything you want to release from the past. Then get rid of the list forever. Release it all by safely burning it or burying it. Tear it into tiny bits and flush it. :) As you do, close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale the weight of all that is on that list out into the universe as is disappearing. Feel the lightness on your chest and you do.

Then, while sitting with your Spiritual Team, the angels, the guides, Archangels, etc., make a list of your new intentions and beliefs for next year. Write them all out in specific details and at the end write - "For the highest good of all involved, this or something better."

When you are finished, place them in a sacred space. A god box, a bible, an altar. Somewhere special and let them start to take fruit for the New Year.

Please feel free to share this on your wall as you feel guided!

Happy New Year to all! Many blessings & love to you and your family.
Lisa C. Beachy

Setting intentions YouTube meditation from my channel:  Manifest Abundance, Love, and Wealth through the Heart Chakra with the Creator Meditation 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Stressful Thought Release with your guardian angel

Exercise for today: Take a moment as you sit with yourself as your guardian angel stands in front of you. Now, become aware of your head and the thoughts going around and around in it much like a hamster in a cage. Slowly...take a deep inhale in through your nose and as you exhale through your mouth, feel those entire thoughts drop into your heart center and see them enclosed in a pink bubble of love. Inhale.... exhale. Float that pink bubble out of your heart into the hands of your guardian angel standing before you. Breathe once more and exhale, knowing the thoughts and worries are taken care of for you. Released and surrendered to a higher source. Feel the stillness in your head, then your heart. Isn't it great? Say thank you to your angel and to yourself for allowing those thoughts to move forward.

Please share as you feel guided.

Many Blessings
Lisa C. Beachy
Angel & Spiritual Intuitive
Connecting you with your Spiritual Team

Here is a free YouTube meditation that will help you release stress:
Relaxation. Letting Go of Stress and Anxiety Meditation 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday shopping and how to be of service with the Archangel Michael as you do

I love this time of year with the decorations, the music, and time with my family making memories. I also REALLY love online shopping.  It is a modern miracle so that I never again have to go into a store and deal with people trying to buy presents for people they don't like, spending money that they don't have.  People get so ANGRY while holiday shopping, which, too be honest, I find completely ironic.

See, the thing is, when people get frustrated while shopping for others, it is likely because they have fear that is reflected from within themselves.  They are worried about how they are perceived by the outside world and insecurities are coming up through the process of gift giving. It brings up fears of not being good enough, smart enough, loved enough, etc.  They need the perfect items or enough of them to justify that they matter to those that they love.

I admit, years ago, we were in this boat with many others in a big way.  We over bought for the kids, went into debt so that for 15 mins they could tear into them and look at wonder, soon to forget about all of it a couple of days later. For many years, I thought, "If I just get what they want, I am a great mom.  If I can just find the perfect present, I am worthy." I am so grateful that over the years, I have taken them time to let this go and work on my inner self love and bring peace to that fear as I learned to connect with God, fill my own heart with Love and it has over the years flowed out to the family.  Too be completely honest, the kids are so amazing and do not even notice that there are less presents to open during the holidays and my pocket book is MUCH happier as well! ;)

So, what do I do when I do find that I have to stand in the occasional long line with a bunch of grumpy Gus'? I think of it as my mission to hold peace, point out that others are doing the best they can to help and that it really is a lucky thing that we have this blessing to have loved ones that we need to buy gifts for.  I also use it as time to do some Spirit work with my Angel peeps.

If you have  to do some last minute shopping this weekend, give it a try.  Ask the Archangel Michael to join you as you shop.  As you wander down the aisles, ask that he walk behind you leaving a beautiful trail of clearing light for all of those around you to walk through.  Pray that God blesses them all and that the fear they carry is cleared away, dissolving the negativity energy in their spirit. You will help SO many as you do this.It is truly a great (and FREE) way to give to others this holiday season.

Much love to all and many blessings!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Workspace Clearing Exercise with the Archangel Ariel

End of the year work stress getting you down? Let's work with Archangel Ariel to clear the negative feelings in and around you. Take just a quick moment, close your eyes. Start to breathe by inhaling deeply and then exhale ....

Ask the Archangel Ariel to step into your work space, standing next to you. Now envision as she spreads her arms in a wide circle and raises them above her head creating a large pink bubble of light through and around you that expands throughout the space you are in. This is creating a beautiful bubble of love and eases out any negativity or tension that resides where you are at this moment.

Breathe in deeply the pink light and let it fill your heart chakra....and now exhale, releasing the knot there, feeling it ease as you do.

Open your eyes now and see the soft glow that now surrounds you. Say or think to yourself, "Thank you Archangel Ariel for creating this space of love." Now proceed with your work day knowing that you are loved and in control of your space. Allowing you to feel love for those you work with as well and understand them just a little but better from that viewpoint.

Please share as guided.

Many Blessings
Lisa C. Beachy
Connecting you with your Spiritual Team

A wonderful FREE YouTube meditation to work with Archangel Ariel