Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fear and learning from it

I learned a major lesson in fear yesterday. If you know me at all, you know I will bend over backwards to find out the best fair solution for all. Every time. I like to think I have a very high ethical code that I live by. Integrity. Sometimes that does slip into an ego thing, but mostly, I do my best to stay open and hear all sides.

Yesterday, I had someone come so far out of left field with a reaction to a simple situation that should have been an easy fix that it threw me. But then, (after I calmed my ego down) I realized this wasn't even about me at all, but the story in the past this person was re-living and more than likely re-lives daily.

When someone is so immersed in their story of the past that they do not want to even speak to you on the present situation, it is hard to deal with for me. I like to talk things out. Feel the vibe. Find the best solution. I like to think the best in others BEFORE I know that is not always the case. You know? But this person is SO immersed in the past and the story that there is not communication. Literally. It's bizarre to me, but I accept it. THAT is not my issue or my story.

So I am sitting up, at 4:00 AM full of thoughts that are still angering me. I don't like being angry. But I also recognize that anger is based out of fear. I am getting to the root and core belief that is triggering this fear in me. So I have come downstairs to make some coffee, working with Archangel Michael and discuss with him my fears on the subject.

Because in the end, that is all that I can do. MY part. MY healing. Then send love and angels to the other person and release it. Pray for them. Let God take care of whatever lesson or issue they are working through that is triggering or motivating them to react the way they have, because that is just simply put, not my issue.

I did want to type this out because I am sure others have something similar going on. It happens to all of us. It part of the physical experience. But if we examine it with our Spiritual Teams and ask for help, the answers will come. I hope it helps.

Many Blessings and much love to you all!

A video meditation to help you heal the heart:
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