Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Angels of Astrology

Richard Webster has written the great book "Encyclopedia of Angels". I wanted to share the Angels that look after the people by astrology signs, just in case that interested someone and they wanted to work the angel that watches over their Astrology Sign them.

Aries : Malahidael or Machidiel
Taurus: Asmodel
Gemini: Ambriel
Cancer: Muriel
Leo: Verchiel
Virgo: Hamaliel
Libra: Zuriel or Uirel
Scorpio: Barbiel
Sagittarius: Advachiel or Adnachiel
Capricorn: Hanael
Aquarius: Cambiel or Gabriel
Pisces: Barchiel

and Kakabel looks after all astrologers, as well as the starts and their formations.

Hope that helps:)
Many Blessings

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